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Windy waters

Windy waters: Powered by Passion

Join Windy Waters on the water and discover how water sports is more than a recreational sports activity. It doesn't matter if you've never been onto the water, or if you are already an experienced 'sea dog'. In the end, it is all about the experience of the active water sports. Windy Waters uses the slogan 'Powered by Passion' for good reason. No matter which water sports it is, we love taking you out on the water.


Water sports & rental service

Windy Waters comes to visit with his SUP truck on holidays and by appointment. Among other things, we offer you the option to go:

  • Diving;

  • Canoeing;

  • SUP boarding;

  • Wind surfing.

Do you prefer to go on an outing by yourself? Rent a canoe or SUP board with Windy Waters, and set out onto the water by yourself.

Please feel free to send us an email for more information via

We are present on the below dates:

- May 5th and 6th

- May 27th

- June 5th

SUP boarding

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