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Kids Club Holly

Kids club Holly

  • Crafts and workshops
  • Sport and games
  • Program for young and old

Welcome to my page!

Hi everyone, welcome to my page. On this page you can see what you can do at De Scherpenhof during your vacation! In every vacation, we organize fun activities, such as arts & crafts, workshops, sports, and games.

Story about my existence

Hello boys and girls, my name is Holly. Maybe you already know me or maybe you have already seen me on vacation.

I have been living at Succes Holidayparcs De Scherpenhof for a long time. I sleep, eat, and play here with all my friends. When I was just a little Holly, I lived with my mom and dad, my sisters and my brothers in Supholia. This is a place that is very far away from here. The things that I think are most fun to do are dancing during the mini disco, crafts, sports, and many other things.

Well, dear friends, I hope to see you soon and that I will be able to experience many fun adventures with you.

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