1. Fish pond
  2. Sports fields
  3. Miniature golf course
  4. WiFi

Holiday park with teenagers

Would you like to go on a vacation with your family? Do you have teenagers in your family? No problem. Succes Holidayparcs offers you enough options for where you can go. Activities will be organized for each age group or can be done in the surroundings of the park.

Going on a vacation with teenagers is always a challenge. When you know what your child wants to do on vacation, you can look at what suits you best. We are happy to assist you!

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Fishing at De Scherpenhof

Do you or your child find it cool to sit on the banana behind a speedboat? At Holiday Park De Scherpenhof there is an organization at the marina that can make this happen! Is fishing something that relaxes your child? Then bring your fishing rods with you and let your child throw a line at the fish pond. You can even choose to occupy a camping spot near the fish pond.

Sports at De Tien Heugten

Are you more the athletic type? Then you can also practice your backhand on the tennis court. For example, the park De Tien Heugten has All-Weather courses, and also has a large sports field where the kids can play soccer. So do not forget to bring your balls and rackets.

Sailing at Rhederlaagse Meren

Do you think it's fun to go sailing on a boat? At Rhederlaagse Meren, you can moor the boat at the port. How great is it to combine sailing and a fun vacation? Ask about the possibilities for boat storage.

A vacation in nature at Bonte Vlucht

Is nature something that interests your child? Then Bonte Vlucht is the ideal holiday park. They are in the middle of the woods. At the main building there is WiFi, so your child will be able to use the Internet if he/she wants to. There is still the possibility to do something with the family. There is an 18-hole miniature golf course in the park.

Holiday park with teenagers in Germany

Our park Hambachtal in Germany is a very suitable holiday park for teenagers. We have a ChillZone especially for this group, where they can be together with peers. The ChillZone is freely accessible for teenagers aged between 13-17.

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