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A bungalow is a relatively small home, sometimes a recreational home, which consists of one living and sleeping space on the ground floor. At Succes Holidayparcs we have bungalows for 4, 5, 6, 8 and even 12 people. The 4, 5 and 8 persons are basic bungalows. The 6 persons bungalow comes in 2 varieties, Basic and Comfort. The 12 persons bungalow only comes in Comfort.

Basic and Comfort

The difference between Basic and Comfort is for example in the bed type. In a Basic bungalow you will find apart from single beds also bunk beds and in a Comfort bungalow there are only single beds or a double bed. The Basic bungalow also only has a microwave, whereas the Comfort bungalow has a combination microwave.


These bungalows can be booked at De Scherpenhof, Rhederlaagse Meren and Hambachtl (Germany).

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Your bungalow at Succes Holidayparcs

At Succes Holidayparcs resorts, you can rent bungalows suitable for 4 to 12 persons. When renting a bungalow, you can choose from the versions of Basic and Comfort. The difference between these bungalows is in the beds. In addition to single beds, the Basic Bungalows have bunk beds as well. This does not apply to the Comfort Bungalows, as these have either single or double beds. The bungalows for four, five and eight persons are Basic Bungalows. When it comes to the six-person bungalows, you can choose from a Basic or Comfort Bungalow, and the 12-person bungalows only come in the Comfort version. Your loyal pet will be welcome at a number of our bungalows as well, because nearly all of our holiday parks are pet-friendly. This means you and your dog can go for wonderful walks through the natural area of our holiday parks.


Our guests rate this accommodation with an average of 8.4.


Renting a bungalow at one of our holiday parks

At Succes Holidayparcs, you will be able to choose from five different holiday parks in The Netherlands and Germany. Discover Gelderland during your stay at a bungalow at the holiday parks of De Scherpenhof and Rhederlaagse Meren, where both parks have a marina to allow you to go on a wonderful boat trip yourself. For a vacation in Utrecht, you will be welcome at holiday park Bonte Vlucht, where you can go for a relaxing walk across the Utrecht Hill Ridge. Or enjoy an unforgettable vacation in Drenthe at holiday park De Tien Heugten, where you can unwind at the sandy beach at the recreational lake. For a holiday outside of The Netherlands, you can go to our German holiday park Hambachtal, surrounded by forests and situated at the shore of a small water reservoir.

In addition to the magnificent surrounding area, there is plenty of entertainment to be found at the Succes Holidayparcs resorts. Each park offers excellent facilities to allow you and your company to enjoy an unforgettable vacation during the stay at a bungalow. All of our holiday parks offer the following facilities:

  • Swimming pool
  • Bicycle rental
  • Catering venues
  • Sports and games fields
  • Entertainment (during the holiday periods)

Discover the resorts of Succes Holidayparcs during your stay at a comfortable bungalow and enjoy an unforgettable vacation!