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Vacation with recreational pond

Take a dive at one of our parks with a recreation lake

  • Recreational pond
  • Surfing, sailing, beach volleyball
  • Swimming and sunbathing

Beach experience

Are you looking for that beach experience? You won't have to travel to the coast, you can get it at Holiday Park De Tien Heugten or at the Rhederlaag Lakes without any problem. We've got a lake here where you can relax in the sun on your towel or build sand castles with your child(ren). You can also engage in activities like supping, wakeboarding and pedal boating. These activities can be arranged at reception.

At 25 minutes' distance from Hambachtal, you'll find Bostalsee. Along the Bostalsee, there are two large sandy beaches and various areas where you can go sunbathing, swimming or building sand castles. Here, you can enjoy a wonderful time while reading a book, or, if you'd like, playing a game of beach volleyball or taking a dive in the lake. On the lake itself, you'll have the option of pedal boating, surfing and sailing. Are you looking for a special activity during your vacation? Go for a diving lesson, take a look inside the sunken ship and explore the bottom of the Bostalsee.


About Succes Holidayparcs

Recreational pond at:
✓ De Tien Heugten
✓ Rhederlaag Lakes
✓ Hambachtal

✓ Supping
✓ Wakeboarding
✓ Pedal boating
✓ Beach volleyball
✓ Surfing and sailing

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