Surroundings Hambachtal

The great holiday park Hambachtal is located in the beautiful hilly Hunsrück. The surroundings are perfect for an active and culinary holiday. Near the holiday park lies the Erbeskopf, which is the highest of the Rijnland-Palts with its 816 m. Glide down the toboggan run or go on beautiful skiing or langlaufing trails in the winter. Go biking and follow the best trails or stop at one of the amazing viewpoints and enjoy a breathtaking view.

What's a holiday without some culture? Visit Trier and Idar-Oberstein and learn all about German history and culture and visit one of the many gem grinding shops or visit the dozens of castles, citadels and ruins in the Hunsrück. Shopping? The oldest city of Germany, located on the Moezel river, is nearby. Trier is a beautiful, historical city and lets you enjoy German culture as well as the best shops.

A visit to Luxembourg is definitely worth it too! The smallest country in the European Union apart from Malta. But certainly not less beautiful! It's a country known to many of us as the place you cross on the way to France. Or how about something underground? Visit one of the impressive mines and learn about the gems that are frequently found in the area.


Excursions in the surroundings of Hambachtal


Trier is the oldest city in Germany and is located on the edge of the Moezel river, which splits the city in two parts. There are various historical buildings in the old city center that give the city a special atmosphere. The large market of Trier is one of the most beautiful city squares in Germany, and is surrounded by buildings in various historical styles. You can enjoy culture in Trier and learn more about German history, but of course also go shopping.


Idar-Oberstein is located just a short distance from Oberhambach and is a great place to visit. The city is well-known today for the many gem grinding shops in the city. There are also many gem shops in the shopping street of the center. Idar-Oberstein also has the Felsenkirche, a small church that was built against a mountainside and underneath a pointed rock.

Cities and sights

Near Hambachtal you can also visit amazing sights and cities. Trier and Idar-Oberstein are great cities if you want to learn more about German history and culture, but Luxembourg is also nearby. You can also find dozens of castles, citadels and ruins in the Hunsrück, some of which are open for visitors. You can also visit various mines and learn about the gems that are commonly found in the area.


  1. Wooded area of ​​the Hunsrück
  2. Beautiful hilly area
  3. Highest mountain peak in the Rhein-Pfalz area
  4. Near the town of Oberhambach
  5. Ideal for skiing or cross-country skiing

Just a short distance from our park, in the middle of the idyllic landscape, lies the beautiful 120 hectares large Bostal lake.

Summer Toboggan Run Peterberg

The Summer Toboggan Run Peterberg is a beautiful toboggan run which you can sled off with a maximum speed of 42 km per hour!

Prehistoric museum Gondwana

Prehistoric museum Gondwana shows you the development of the earth from up close!