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Nature vacation Germany

Nature vacation in Germany

  • Spacious accommodations
  • Woodland surroundings of the HunsrĂŒck
  • Near the Moselle

Nature vacations in Germany

Are you fond of spending your vacation in nature? Then go on a nature vacation in Germany! Less than four hours away by car, you will find the Hambachtal Vacation Resort. This vacation resort is located in the beautiful and hilly region of the HunsrĂŒck and 40 minutes away from the Moselle, where you can enjoy fantastic walking and cycling tours along the river. Therefore, the Hambachtal Vacation Resort perfectly suits you for a nature vacation in Germany! Time to admire the breathtaking scenery around Hambachtal itself.


Your vacation home during a nature vacation

During your nature vacation, of course, not only the surroundings of your destination are requisite, but the accommodation as well. After a long day of walking, cycling, or driving through the beautiful woodland, you can comfortably relax in your fully equipped vacation home at the Hambachtal Vacation Resort. Your vacation home always has a parking space nearby, which is convenient if you like to drive around in your car during your nature vacation! All vacation homes also have a private garden with furniture, a fully equipped kitchen, and free WiFi.

Advantages of the Hambachtal Vacation Resort:

✔ A 15-minute drive from the HunsrĂŒck-Hochwald National Park

✔ Close to the Moselle

✔ Several beautiful old towns nearby

✔ Fully furnished vacation homes with garden

✔ Parking at the vacation home

The vacation homes are perfect for a vacation in nature and can accommodate from two to six people. Are you ready for a relaxing vacation surrounded by nature with your partner or the whole family? Then take a look at our selection of vacation homes.

Vacations in nature

The Hambachtal Vacation Resort is the perfect starting point for a nature vacation in Germany. Less than fifteen minutes drive from the vacation resort, you will find the HunsrĂŒck-Hochwald National Park. HunsrĂŒck-Hochwald is a low mountain range with dense forests and is home to significant biodiversity. For example, this national park is home to the largest number of wild cats in all of Europe, and it is also the habitat of the black stork. The highest peak in the national park is the 'Erbeskopf,' this is also the highest mountain peak in all of Rhineland-Palatinate directly! Here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surroundings. The variety of forests, mountains, and water makes Hambachtal a popular destination for a vacation in nature. If you like culture, and nature too, you won't be able to believe your luck in the national park. HunsrĂŒck-Hochwald is home to several castles, fortresses, and ruins. There are also several beautiful old cities in the vicinity of Hambachtal, for example, including Trier, the oldest city in Germany.