1. Vineyard of Germany
  2. 3 hours from Belgium
  3. Moezel area


Rijnland-Palts is one of the sixteen German regions and is located in the Southwest of Germany. Rijnland-Palts is called Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany, in the Netherlands we mostly use the Dutch name. Almost 4 million people live in the region, and the capital is Mainz. Because Rijnland-Palts is a versatile region, many tourists come to the area for their holidays every year. Rijnland-Palts borders the countries Belgium, France and Luxembourg, and the regions Noordrijn-Westfalen, Hessen, Baden-Württemberg and Saarland. From Utrecht you can drive in less than 3 hours to the border with Belgium, where you can directly drive into the region. This makes the area easily accessible, which means your holiday in Rijnland-Palts will start even sooner! One of the reasons why tourists love visiting Rijnland-Palts are the rivers that define the landscape. The river the Rhine crosses directly through the region Rijnland-Palts, and crosses the river the Moezel in the middle of the region, which flows into the Rhine.

Areas in Rijnland-Palts

Rijnland-Palts can be divided into a few different areas, that are each worth a visit during your holiday in Rijnland-Palts. The Eifel area is located in the Northwest and covers one of the largest parts of the region. The areas Westerwald and Lahntal are located in the northeast. The river the Lahn goes from the Northeast to the Southwest and flows into the Rhine, not far from where the Moezel also flows into the Rhine. In the Southeast of the region are the areas Rheinhessen and Pfalz, which are bordered on the East by the river the Rhine. Between the areas Eifel and Pfalz lies the moezel area, the Hunsrück and the Naheland. These areas form for a large part the center of the region, and are located between the Moezel and the Rhine.

Wine, a way of life

Rijnland-Palts is also known as the "vineyard of Germany". The region has 6 of the 13 German viticulture areas. Rijnland-Palts produces around 70% of all German wine, which makes it the most important region for the viticulture in Germany. Wine is therefore a lot more than just a beverage for the inhabitants of this region, it's a way of life. The many vineyards on rolling hills create a beautiful atmosphere and a visit to a vineyard during your holiday in Rijnland-Palts is a must-do. Here you can see how the famous wines are made, and of course you can also taste them!

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Activities and outings

Visit the different regions in Rhineland-Palatinate, such as the Eifel region located in the northwest, or Westerwald and Lahntal in the northeast. The regions Rheinhessen and Pfalz are located in the southeast of the federal state. Between the Eifel and Pfalz regions lies the Moselle region, the Hunsrück and the Naheland. Rhineland-Palatinate is also called the "Vineyard of Germany". Wine is much more than just a drink for the inhabitants, it is a way of life. The many vineyards on the rolling hills create a wonderful atmosphere, and you definitely should not miss a visit to a vineyard during your vacation in Rhineland-Palatinate.

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About Rijnland-Palts

✓ Southwest of Germany
✓ 3 hours from Belgium

✓ River the Rhine
✓ River the Moezel

Vineyard of Germany:
✓ Most important region for viticulture
✓ Famous wines

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