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Vacation resort near Westerbork

Holiday parks near Westerbork

  • At a distance of 10 kilometers from Westerbork
  • Situated at a recreation lake with a beach
  • In the nature of Drenthe

Holiday home near Westerbork in Drenthe

At just 10 kilometers from the village of Westerbork, Holiday Park De Tien Heugten is a great place for a vacation near Westerbork. Near Westerbork at our holiday park, you can both go camping and rent a glamping accommodation or other holiday home. Among other facilities, the recreation lake, the outdoor swimming pool, the pleasant bistro and the miniature golf course ensure that your stay at our campsite near Westerbork will be a success! Of course, you will find the Camp Westerbork Commemoration Center with its museum and free entry to the former camp grounds in the area of Westerbork. The Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope is located in this area too, making for a spectacular sight! We hope to see you at our holiday park near Westerbork.


At which park near Westerbork can we welcome you?

Renting a home near Westerbork

A holiday home near Westerbork is a pleasant base camp for a visit to the area. The holiday homes of De Tien Heugten are suitable for four to up to eight persons. Your holiday home near Westerbork has every convenience you could wish for, including a dishwasher (except for the safari tents) and pleasant garden furniture to enjoy many hours of the outdoor air. Some of our holiday homes are even situated right at the water of the recreation lake! Your pet is more than welcome at a number of the accommodations as well. Have you made your choice yet? Will it be a safari tent, a chalet or a holiday home near Westerbork?


A holiday home near Westerbork

  • For up to four to eight persons
  • Pet-friendly
  • Situated at our recreation lake
  • Glamping and holiday homes

An impression of our holiday park in the area of Westerbork 📸


The area of our holiday park at Westerbork

During your holiday near Westerbork at De Tien Heugten, it goes without saying that you will have an amazing time with our pleasant facilities. Take a dive in the outdoor swimming pool or in the recreation lake, enjoy a delicious dinner at our bistro or at the terrace, and the children will have a great time at Kids Club Holly, at the playground or at the sports fields.

But the area of Westerbork around our holiday park is worth exploring as well. Westerbork is best known for the former transit camp during the Second World War. The Camp Westerbork Commemoration Center keeps alive the memory of over one hundred thousand Jewish, Roma and Sinti people who were deported from here to concentration and extermination camps further east. A visit to the museum and the camp grounds is impressive and educational for visitors of all age groups. Since the 1970s, fourteen parabolic antennas are located at the old camp grounds which together form the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope. The area is freely accessible on foot and by bicycle and is definitely recommended for science enthusiasts! Cities like Assen, Emmen and Groningen can easily be reached from our holiday park near Westerbork as well, and are great for a day of shopping and culinary delights.


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