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Fishing at Succes Holidayparcs

At Succes Holidayparcs, we've also considered guests who love fishing. For them, we've got a special pond where you can cast your line. There's always a fish to catch.

Fishing pond

So don't forget to bring your fishing gear when going for a vacation at the Rhederlaag Lakes. At recreation park De Scherpenhof, you can combine camping and fishing. We've got so-called fishing spots. Here, you can camp with groups of up to twelve persons and cast your line directly into the IJssel. Relax at the waterside and enjoy the view.

Recreational pond with a sandy beach

Fishing is also possible when no fishing pond is present. For instance, at merely 25 minutes' distance of Hambachtal, you'll find the Bostal Lake. It features two large sandy beaches and various areas where you can go sunbathing or swimming. There's also the possibility of casting your line and catching some fish. De Tien Heugten is situated on the edge of a recreational pond with a sandy beach, which is also the main attraction for this holiday park. Thanks to the location near a recreational pond, the option to go fishing, among other things, becomes available.

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Fishing pond at:
✓ Rhederlaag Lakes
✓ De Scherpenhof

More fishing opportunities at:
✓ Hambachtal
✓ De Tien Heugten

De Scherpenhof
Netherlands - Gelderland

De Tien Heugten
Netherlands - Drenthe

Recreational pond with a beach

Even if there's no fishing pond around, it is still possible to go fishing. Only 25 minutes from Hambachtal, you'll find Lake Bostal. It has 2 large beaches and several fields where you can go swimming or tanning. You also have the option to try to catch some fish. De Tien Heugten is located by a recreational pond with a beach, which is this holiday park's main attraction. Thanks to its location by a recreational pond, there's plenty of things to do, including going fishing. Or do you fancy a boat tour with your own boat or a rental boat? Then go for one of our holiday parks that have a marina.

📍Where can I find a vacation resort with a fishpond in the Netherlands?

You can take out your fishing rod during your vacation at three vacation resorts of Succes Holidayparcs in the Netherlands. Choose a vacation in Gelderland at our vacation resort with a marina. At these parks, there are fishing spots where you can enjoy fishing on the banks of the IJssel. Or choose a vacation in Drenthe where you can fish at the recreational lake in the vacation resort.

🎣 What is a delightful vacation resort in Drenthe with a fishpond?

In the Drentse Schoonloo is our vacation resort, De Tien Heugten. Choose to stay in a luxury safari tent, comfortable cottage, or on a spacious camping plot. At the vacation resort, you can make use of the excellent facilities. Take a dip in the pool with its 36-meter slide or have fun with the whole family at the mini-golf course. And you can cast your fishing rod at the recreational lake.

💡 Tips for your vacation at a bungalow resort with a fishpond!

If you choose a vacation on one of our vacation resorts with a fishing pond, you can, of course, fish, but there is much more to experience. How about exploring the "golden triangle" cities of Emmen, Groningen, and Assen during your stay in Drenthe. Rent a sloop during your stay in Gelderland and take a relaxing sail on the IJssel. Or hike over the natural Hunsrück during your vacation at our vacation resort in Germany.

🇩🇪 Looking for a vacation resort with a fishpond in Germany?

For a wonderful vacation in Germany, you can visit our Hambachtal vacation resort in Oberhambach. This vacation resort is located in the middle of the German Hunsrück and is perfect for a relaxing hike or an active bike ride. From the vacation resort, you can reach the Bostalsee lake in 25 minutes by car to enjoy fishing.