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  • Five holiday parks in The Netherlands
  • In Utrecht, Drenthe and Gelderland
  • Holiday homes and camping pitches

Holiday parks in The Netherlands

Would you like to enjoy an unforgettable vacation in your own country? If so, a stay at a Succes Holidayparcs resort is a great idea. With five child-friendly holiday parks in The Netherlands situated in the provinces of Utrecht, Drenthe and Gelderland, it offers the perfect base camp to explore all of the beautiful things these regions have to offer. Succes Holidayparcs offers all ingredients for a carefree vacation in The Netherlands: a pleasant stay, many facilities and a magnificent surrounding area. Stay at one of the holiday homes suitable for 4 to 12 persons or go camping at the spacious camping pitches surrounded by nature. Our affordable holiday parks allow you to enjoy your vacation to its full potential. When will you be visiting us?

At which holiday park in The Netherlands will you be staying?

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Camping or renting a holiday house?

At Success Holidayparcs, you can choose to go camping or rent a holiday house. If you opt for camping, you can stay with your tent or caravan on a spacious camping pitch surrounded by nature. The pitches are equipped with up to 10 amps of electricity, a water tap and cable television connection. Sanitary facilities are located a short distance from the camping pitches. Most camping fields have their own playground for children. Will you opt to rent a holiday house at one of our holiday parks? If so, you will spend the night at a cozy holiday house suitable for up to 12 persons. Choose from a cottage, RV or bungalow and enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Netherlands!

Stylish camping

A popular and, most important of all, affordable vacation in the great outdoors: discover it at our affordable holiday parks in The Netherlands!

A pleasant overnight stay

Stay at a Succes Holidayparcs rental accommodation. Choose either a bungalow, a chalet or a mobile home for 4 to 12 persons.

Things to do and experience during a vacation in the Netherlands

You won't have to travel far at all for a wonderful holiday! The Netherlands offers a versatility of vast forests, meandering rivers, friendly villages and vibrant cities. Our holiday parks are all situated in unique locations in the Netherlands. For instance, you can find our parks in lively Utrecht, peaceful Drenthe and nature-rich Gelderland. There is something for everyone! Explore the area on foot or by bicycle, admire the many attractions or take a day trip with the whole family to one of the surrounding amusement parks. Enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the Netherlands!

An overview of Succes Holidayparcs:

  • Affordable holiday parks
  • In beautiful locations in the Netherlands
  • With a wide range of facilities
  • Beautiful location in nature

What previous vacationers asked us:

🐕 Is my dog also welcome at your vacation parks?

Absolutely. We offer pet-friendly camping pitches and vacation homes at almost all our vacation parks in the Netherlands, where your dog has all the space it needs to play. You will find many off-leash areas in the area, where your four-legged friend can play to its heart's content.

⏰ Can I also book a last-minute vacation?

If you decide at the very last minute to enjoy a getaway, you can do so at Success Holidayparcs! In fact, our camping pitches and accommodations can also be booked at the last minute for a holiday in the Netherlands.