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Seasonal place in the Netherlands

Seasonal places the Netherlands

  • Seasonal places in the Netherlands
  • At campings in Drenthe, Utrecht and Gelderland
  • Pet friendly campings

Seasonal places in the Netherlands

Short travelling time, lovely weather and no language problems. Taking a holiday in our small country is getting more and more popular. Choose for a vacation on one of our campings with seasonal places in the Netherlands. A seasonal place in the Netherlands on our campings in Drenthe, Gelderland or Utrecht means enjoying vacation when you want to. Find your place and enjoy your seasonal placefrom the end of March to the beginning of October. The campings of Succes Holidayparcs are beautifully located; stay at the water, in the middle of the forest or in a rural environment. Your loyal dog is also welcome on our camping with seasonal places in the Netherlands. Which camping do you chose?

Our seasonal places:

  • Rhederlaagse Meren: Inner ring BI 1 to BI 11, Outer ring BU 1 t/m BU 30, at the water W1 t/m W15.
  • Scherpenhof, Tien Heugten and Bonte Vlucht: all camping places are available for seasonal guests.

Seasonal place in Gelderland

A vacation at the water? Chose a seasonal place in Gelderland atDe Scherpenhof andRhederlaagse Meren. Both campongs have a marina, a bathing lake and even a sand beach; for a beach vacation you do not have to go to the sea! Our camping places in Gelderland offer room for 6 to 10 people and maximally 2 dogs. Our camping plces have 4 to 10 ampere of electric power, a water point and a number of places has a TV connection. Rent a boat on the camping and sail on the IJsel or visit cities such as Deventer, Apeldoorn or Zutpen during your vacation on a seasonal place in Gelderland.

Seasonal place in Drenthe

For a vacation in the beautiful landscape of Drenthe, Recreatiepark de Tien Heugten is the ideal vacation destination. Our vacation park in Schoonloo has spacious camping places suitable for 6 to 10 persons. The seasonal spaces in Drenthe have 6 or 10 ampere of electrical power and room for maximally 2 dogs. There is plenty to do for children such as playgrounds on all camping fields . The many facilities of the vacation park means there is plenty to do for both young and old. Take a lovely dive in the swimming pool, use the 36 meter slide or enjoy mini golf with whole family on the mini golf course.

Rather a centrally location seasonal place? Discover our camping Bonte Vlucht, located in Utrecht. On theseasonal places in Utrecht, in the middle of the forests of the Utrecht Ridge, you will experience relaxing calm while being close to the bustling cities around. There are many facilities for children such as sport and playing fields and animation in the holiday periods. Our spacious camping places of 100 to 200m2 with 6 ampere of electrical power are suitable for maximally 6 persons. 

An impression of your seasonal place in the Netherlands

Facilities at the seasonal places in the Netherlands

Our campings in the Netherlands have various facilities for an unforgettable camping vacation. Rent a boat at your seasonal place in Gelderland and sail the IJsel. Work on your tan on the sand beach of the season place in Drenthe or have a swim in the heated outside pool at your seasonal place in Utrecht. The following facilities can be found at your seasonal place in the Netherlands:

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pool*
  • Bathing lake*
  • Sport fields*
  • Playgrounds
  • Animation(in high season)
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Wifi

* Not every camping has these facilities. 

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