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Spending a vacation near Trier

  • 60 min drive from Trier
  • Subtropical swimming paradise
  • For young and old

Holiday Park near Trier

Would you like to visit a holiday park near the historic city of Trier? Then you are at the right address at holiday park Hambachtal. From the park, you will be in the great Trier within an hour. In Trier you can enjoy yourself for a day or several days. This will then give you the ideal opportunity to combine this with overnight stays in our holiday park!

Trier is the oldest city in Germany with beautiful sights. A popular place that is frequently visited by tourists. When you are visiting the Eifel, you should not miss a visit to the oldest city in Germany. Trier is also one of the most famous places in Germany. The place attracts many visitors every year and that is for a good reason.

Discovering and experiencing near beautiful Trier

Enjoy the extensive facilities at our vacation park. Experience water enjoyment in the subtropicalswimming pool with a slide and jet streams. At Vacation Park Hambachtal you will also find playground equipment and a sports field, an enthusiastic entertainment team that organizes nice activities, and a bowling alley. 

Trier, the oldest city in Germany, is just an hour's drive from our park. A popular city that is also called "Rome of the North". When you spend your vacation with us, a visit to the oldest city in Germany just should not be left out. The city attracts many visitors each year and for good reason. The city is a center of wine trade with several tasting rooms and wine cellars and has many historical monuments. During your vacation near Trier, visit the Roman excavations and churches and museums, such as the Porta Nigra, Konstatin Basilica, the Kaiserthermen, and the Amphitheater. 

Don't miss out on this in Trier:

    Porta Nigra
    Cathedral of Trier
    Trier Imperial Baths
    The Karl Marx House

Our vacation park is this close to Trier:


Our extensive facilities ensure that you lack nothing. Of course, the children were also thought of. The swimming pool and the paddling pool at the campsite are heated, there are playing areas, and a sports field. The professional animation team always organizes fun activities.

Why book at Vacation Park Hambachtal?

  • Modern homes and apartments
  • With a subtropical swimming paradise
  • An hour's drive from Trier
  • In the hills of the Hunsrück
  • Many opportunities for sports and games


The great holiday park Hambachtal is located in the beautiful and hilly Hunsrück. The surroundings are perfect for an active and culinary holiday...


Discover our facilities that will provide entertainment for all ages!

What previous guests have asked us:

🏙️ What makes Trier an appealing vacation destination?

Trier is a city drenched with history and culture, with numerous Roman monuments, medieval architecture, and beautiful landscapes. It is also the birthplace of Karl Marx, which adds an extra historical dimension.

🚗 Are there day trips possible from Trier?

Yes, from Trier you can easily take day trips to nearby sights, such as Luxembourg City, the vineyards along the Moselle, the Eifel region, and the beautiful nature parks in the area.