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Summer vacation

Looking for a summer vacation? Succes Holidayparcs is the perfect starting point for a wonderful summer vacation in 2021. The summer vacation, also known as the summer break, is the biggest annual vacation for students and working people in the Netherlands. The concept of summer vacation can refer to a long period of free time, but also to a vacation trip during that period.

The summer vacation takes place in the months of July and August. Of these, the three weeks at the end of July and the beginning of August are the heart of the summer vacation. This is the construction industry vacation period. This is the busiest period of the year for holiday parks. During this time, everyone wants to book at Succes Holidayparcs.


Vacation in Gelderland

Many people travel to a tourist area during the summer vacation. Campsites and holiday homes are in great demand! If you like camping, and you want to be in an environment full of water, then you are welcome at De Scherpenhof and Rhederlaagse Meren in Gelderland. We have several options for the summer vacation of 2021. Plenty of sunbathing and swimming fun. You can also enjoy fishing in the special pond we have.

Summer holiday at Succes Holidayparcs


What is there to do in the area?

Due to the unique location of the holiday parks, there is always a lot to do in the area! At holiday parks De Sherpenhof, Rhederlaagse Meren and Hambachtal you can enjoy a summer holiday by the waterside. These parks have an outdoor swimming pool, are located at a marina and have a recreational lake .

Holiday parks De Tien Heugten, Bonte Vlucht, Ossenberg and also Hambachtal are located in a wooded area. It is therefore the ideal base for a hiking and cycling holiday! Many adventurous outings can be undertaken near the holiday parks.

There are many nice trips around all holiday parks, such as zoos, amusement parks, large cities and cultural hotspots.


If you would you like to book your summer vacation now, then there are some nice benefits attached. We look forward to seeing you at one of our parks.

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